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Khaos first began with the love for Australian Shepherds in 1976. Karen

purchased her first dog, a blue merle named Dylan, who was her faithful

and loyal companion for 14 wonderful years. Karen and Dylan went to a

handful of amateur dog shows knowing absolutely nothing about the show

ring and what it would mean for her in the future. 

After purchasing her second Aussie from California, Southern Cross Eureka,

Karen and "Reka" took the show circut by storm, finishing her ASCA 

championship, owner-handled, within two years time. Karen worked with

other breeds along the way, including Rottweilers and Akitas, also

completingchampionships, but the Aussies always had a paw on her heart. 

Knowing that raising and breeding Aussies was truly her calling, Karen

established her official ASCA kennel name, Khaos. "My life was chaotic and

Aussies were what grounded me," says Karen. Making Reka the foundation for her kennel, Karen began breeding Reka to compliment her beautiful personality and show stopping looks. To this day, all of Karen's Aussies may be traced back to Reka who paved the way to a high quality bloodline that continues to produce outstanding dogs.

A History of Khaos.


Karen was born in Pontiac, MI along with her three brothers and sister. Karen's father Bill was an avid hunter and dog enthusiast, which influenced Karen's love for animals at a very young age.


The family moved to Louisville where Karen and her siblings grew up. The city life never really suited Karen's taste for the outdoors. She always had dogs and horses in the city, and raising them there was never easy. 

​Karen decided to go to Murray State University in Western Kentucky and it was perfect. There, she was an officer for the Horseman's Club and participated in barrell racing for the school rodeo team. Karen was even the jockey for the Murray State mascot, a Thoroughbred named Violet Cactus. 

After she graduated, Karen moved to Miami, FL to work on an Arabian show horse farm. Feeling the homesickness bug, Karen moved back to her ol' Kentucky home to start her life anew. 

Today, when Karen is not handling her pups, she enjoys horseback riding and spending time with her two kids, Kasey and Eli.