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Owner Testimonials.


Check out our growing list of owner testimonals from happy and satisfied families from across the country.

Stapp Family
Lexington, KY

"We love Bentley, but he is a wild man! Always wants to be doing something and wants to be the center of attention. He makes every step that I make. If I walk ten steps across the room he will move to be beside me. He is beautiful!"

--Leslie Stapp

Craig Family
Kingland, GA

"Always entering a room with a cheerful wiggling tail and a flapping tongue, meet Rose. Joining the Craig family in October of 2013, she was only 8 weeks old and nothing more than a fluff ball. Her vivacious personality was the first thing I noticed. Energetic, lovable, always ready for an adventure and never leaving our side for too long.


As the months passed she grew, learning to sit, play ball and socialize at the dog park. Today, she has become not just our pet but a family member. When we lay down to sleep at night she is there snuggled at our feet. When we wake in the morning she greets us with a slobbery lick to the forehead. We look forward to many more memories with Rose. They will always be filled with excitement, energy and most of all love."

--Joshua and Charlsee Craig

Scott Family
Sellersburg, IN

"That little boy can really put food away! He is super smart and fitting in good. The vet said he is healthy and going to be big. He was impressed with him. We love Griff so much! He is adorable and nutty."

--Rhonda Scott

"Lilly & Layla"
Brossart Family
Louisville, KY

"They are so funny, it's like they understand everything you say. They are so good natured and love people."

--Jan Brossart

Bird Family
Scranton, PA

"Kody is so hyper! He loves to be outside and loves to run and walk with me. The snow is his favorite. While he can be very stubborn, he loves attention and cookies."

--Kaylee Bird